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Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia.

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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
STV Rioja No Website Local TV.
Tele Taxi Yes 141K Videclips of spanish artists and comercials. Located in Barcelona.
Telecinco No 271K General TV station (recorded news).
Telecorazon Yes 242K General TV station.
Telecuruna Yes 127K TV station located in Galicia.
Telemadrid Sat Yes 190K Entertainment, music, sports and news.
Telemystic Yes 141K TV this dedicated to the world of the occultism and the mystery.
Television Estepona Yes 100K Local TV from Malaga.
Tosiriar TV Yes 100K Local TV.
TV Azul Yes 141K Local TV from Tenerife.
TV Burgos Yes 190K General TV station.
TV Ferrol Yes 100K Local TV station from Galicia.
TV Leon Yes 190K General TV station.
TV Mas Yes 141K Local TV from the Canary Islands.
TV Salamanca Yes 180K General TV station.
TV Segovia Yes 210K General TV station.
TV Telenoticies Yes Website Live and recorded news broadcasts. 4 different live streams available (EN DIRECTE:).
TV Zamora Yes 90K TV from the province of Zamora.
TVE. Yes 100K World news in spanish language.
TVG Yes 116K Live from Galicia.
TVVI Yes 130K Canal Autonomico Valencia.
UPV TV Yes 448K Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia.
URJC Yes 200K TV from the University Rey Juan Carlos.
Valencia TeVe Yes 512K Local TV from Valencia.