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University of Michigan Television - various programming.

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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
VSU TV Yes 225K Students in the television area work with VSU-TV, South Georgia.
WABC Yes Website News TV from NY.
WAFF 48 Yes Website TV station located in Huntsville AL. Various News Videos on page including a "WAAF Video On Demand"
WALB TV No Website News from Albany, South Georgia (look for "featured Videos").
WAPT Yes Website Local TV station from Jacksonville, FL.
WBOC No Website Located in Salisbury, Maryland. WBOC is a CBS affiliate that serves the Delaware/Maryland/Virginia P
WBQP Yes 45K Live from Pensacola
WCCA TV Yes 311K Community access TV from Worcester, Massachusetts.
WCITV Yes Website Interactive infotainment TV channel.
WCPO No Website WCPO (Cincinnati) offers live newscasts, archived newscasts and a live 24x7 weather channel stream.
WCTV 6 No Website Recorded local news from Thomasville-Tallahassee (look for "Featured Videos").
WCTV-48 Yes 140K WCTV-48 Chesapeake, Virginia variety of programming of public interest.
WDSU No Website Local TV station from New Orleans. Occasional broadcasting.
Weather channel No 347K US Weather forecast.
WESH No Website Recorded news form Orlando (look under "WESH NewsChannel 2 Video") NBC affiliated.
WETN Yes 339K College TV.
WHAS No Website Network station from Louisville (KA). Look under "top video stories" for recorded broadcasts.
WHDH 7 News Yes 141K Not always online. News Station from Boston.
White House No Website Live stream only in case of special events.
WHNT No Website WHNT News TV channel 19 Huntsville.
WHTV Yes 45K WHT TV offers a blend of Christian programming (South Bend, Indiana).
WJDW-TV21 Yes 330K Religious TV station from Bishop VA.
WJHG 7 NBC Yes Website Located in Panama City, Fla. For NewsVideo Stories look under "Featured Videos".
WJTV No Website Newschannel 12, located in Jackson, MS.
WJZ Ch. 13 No Website Local TV from Baltimore.
WKFK Yes 550K Local community TV from Pascagoula, MS.
WKRG Yes 273K Local TV station from Mobile, Alabama (recorded news).
WLBT No Website WLBT 3 NBC Jackson, MS. News video under "Featured Videos"
WMCI TV Yes 200K Not always online. High end production facility located on the Maine Central Institute Campus produc
WMTY Yes 140K Public access TV from Hamilton, Alabama.