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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
ORF 2 (Heute Burgenland) No on site Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updated daily (live from 19:00-19:30).
AZTV Yes 247K The Azerbaijan State TV.
Channel 1 Yes 45K TV station is located in the USA.
Didar Global TV Yes 110K TV station located in Hamilton (ON) in Persian language.
Iran NTV (Simay-Azadi) Yes 450K News station.
Irib TV1 Yes 273K National TV Station with various programmes.
Irib TV2 Yes 100K National TV station with various programs.
Irib TV3 Yes 273K National TV Station with various programmes.
Irib TV4 Yes 270K National TV station full of documentaries and scientific programs.
Irib TV5 Yes 100K .
Irinn Yes 273K News TV station.
IRNA TV4 No Website Recorded news broadcast in English from 23:00 Teheran time.
IRTV Yes 54K Recorded news (weekly updated). IRTV is an Iranian tv live-streaming from Los Angeles.
Jam e Jam 1 Yes 273K Jamejam1 Broadcasting around Europe and asia. For Iranians Internationaly.
Jam e Jam 2 Yes 273K Jam e Jam 2 available in America and asia. Internationaly for Iranians.
Jam e Jam 3 Yes 273K Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.
Markazi TV Yes 222K General TV station.
Mohabat TV Yes 141K Persian christian channel.
News TV Yes 273K Khabar news TV.
Pars TV Yes 100K .
Payam TV Yes 141K .
Quran TV Yes 141K .
Sahar TV1 Yes 100K .
Sahar TV2 Yes 100K .
Salaam TV Yes 222K Islamic channel.
XTV Yes 220K .