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Educational TV from Parana.

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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
ORF 2 Heute Salzburg No on site Daily 19:00 evening news, prerecorded.
AtalaiaNet Yes 200K Christian Evangelical channel.
Bandnews Yes 200K Online News TV from Brazil.
Boa Vontade Yes 100K Christian TV station.
Canal 21 Yes 150K Movies and news station from Cascavel.
Canal TV Web Yes 150K Web TV.
Cancao Nova Yes 256K Live from Sao Paulo.
DM TV Yes 140K Sports TV.
Embratel 21 Yes 250K TV from the Embratel Institute.
Faap TV Yes 141K Educational TV located in Sao Paulo.
FNC TV Yes 100K Catholic TV.
Internacia TV Yes 170K General TV station in the international language Esperanto.
Novo Tempo Yes 89K Variety of streams; diverse subjects, childrens programs, documentaries.
Ongrace Yes 140K Religious TV station from Sao Paulo.
Rede Gospel Yes 120K Christian TV.
Rede Mundial Yes 225K Educational program from Sao Paulo.
Rede Super Yes 90K Evangelical channel from Belo Horizonte.
Rede TV SUL Yes 100K Family channel.
RTVE Yes 95K Educational TV from Parana.
TV Aperipe Yes 100K Local TV from Get?lio Vagas.
TV Aroba Yes 143K .
TV Brasilia Yes 60K General TV station.
TV Caju Yes 220K Located in Aracaju, SE.
TV Camara Yes 90K Government TV located in Brasilia.
TV Capital Yes 100K Located in Florianopolis SC.
TV Cidade Yes 125K Television from Aracaju.
TV Climatempo Yes 100K Weather channel.
TV Espiritualista Yes 100K Spiritual program.
TV Justicia Yes 140K TV dedicated to justice.
TV Litoral Yes 45K TV from Campos dos Goytacazes RJ.