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360 TV
Local TV from Capital Federal.

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Channel Name Live? Stream Information
ABC Albania Yes 200K News channel.
360 TV Yes 200K Local TV from Capital Federal.
Canal 10 Cordoba Yes 200K Local TV from Cordoba.
ORF 2 (Heute Vorarlberg) No on site Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updated daily (live from 19:00-19:30).
ORF 2 Heute Oberoesterreich No on site Daily prerecorded news available.
Alayam TV Yes 300K General TV channel.
CBC No on site Recorded evening news from Bridgetown.
Camera dei Deputati Yes 45K Live from Montecitorio.
Canale 10. Yes 273K Local TV from Marcianise (CE).
CFN / CNBC Yes 520K Financial news from Milan.
CLASS NEWS Yes 520K All-news TV from Milan.
Deejay TV Yes 242K Populair music.
EBS. Yes 45K Live broadcasting on the Net. "Europe by Satellite" TV channel.
Exformat Yes 1128K Film, fiction and news.
Flux TV Yes 500K Populair music.
Futura TV Yes 341K National TV related to RAI.
GRP Yes 35K Giornale RadioTelevisivo Poemonte.
Impresa LiveImpresa Live Yes 350K Chamber of Commerce of Milan.
In Cucina TV Yes Website Television station dedicated to cooking.
InteracTV Yes Website Four live streams corresponding to four emotional feelings - Green - Yellow - Blue - Red.
LA 8 Yes 200K .
LA 9 Yes 312K .
Lira TV Yes 75K Local TV from Salerno.
Magic TV Yes 100K Music TV station.
Mediatel WebTV Yes 158K Web TV.
Mediterranei Yes 70K Located in Sicilia.
Meteo Channel No 542K Weather forecast for Italy.
Oasi TV No 245K Many recorded TV stream available on website.
Onda TV Yes 200K Local TV from Messinese.
Play TV Yes 350K Satellite channel (Sky Canale 869)